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Food Junkies Podcast

Nov 26, 2021

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Today, Clarissa and I meet up with Dr. Andrea Grayson. You may have seen her on the Quit Sugar Summit earlier this year or the Kick Sugar Summit more recently.

Dr. Andrea Grayson is accomplished in numerous fields, including video production, marketing strategy, program development, and community engagement, and also conducts primary research and program evaluations. A life-long pursuer of health, wellness, and spirituality, she now has two primary areas of focus: empowering and inspiring healthy lifestyle changes through writing, talks, workshops, and online courses; and, pursuing policy solutions to create greater health equity.

Drawing on several methodologies and employing a mix of media outlets, Dr. Grayson designs campaigns to address a variety of health and social issues in targeted populations. Her media work with behavior change methodology includes work with the Vermont Department of Health’s WIC program, numerous colleges in Vermont to address excessive alcohol consumption, and collaborating with broadcast producers in Africa to create pro-social health messaging to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Dr. Grayson has an appointment as an Assistant Professor in the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, teaching in the Master of Public Health Program. More specifically, Dr. Grayson has been teaching college-level courses in Social Marketing, Media Studies, and Media Production since 1994. Recent courses include The Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health, Communication for Social Good, Media Production for Social Change, and Marketing Social Change. Several courses involve opportunities for academic service-learning, where students apply their learning to address social issues in their community.

Dr. Grayson has a background in news, education, and advertising/corporate media production, and is the co-founder of the production company It’s a Fine Mess! Productions. Her video productions have received national attention, including a 2015 Silver Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

Through presentations, workshops, and courses, Dr. Grayson provides information and inspiration for people to advance their health and fitness. Her current start-up is Breaking Free from Sugar, a one-month journey to reclaim your health for good.

Clarissa and I wanted to know:

Andrea’s Personal and Professional stories and how they merged

The 5 Pathways of Sugar Dependency

Who her program is a good fit for

The 9 areas of health she assesses for and works with clients to improve

Behavior change and why it can be difficult

We talk a bit about public policy and the actions we can take

And stick around to find out how Andrea answers our Signature Question

Find Dr. Grayson

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