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Food Junkies Podcast

Jul 9, 2021

Shun Foreman has been a registered nurse for twenty-two years. As she reflects on her career, she has always sought ways to become more effective in vulnerable communities.

To enhance the knowledge of the world around her, she completed a degree in human rights and social justice at Southern Methodist University. Her graduate studies degree allowed her to travel to learn more about Sugar Land 95 and to tour sugar plantations. She believes the combined experience of nursing and human rights and social justice allows her to use a unique lens on how sugar has impacted African-American communities since slavery. Since the completion of Bitten Jonsson's SUGAR certification, her beliefs about healing individuals, groups, and communities of color are much more refined.

She believes wholeheartedly that food sources, African American women, and the hidden harm of sugar are the three most overlooked sources of healing African American communities. Therefore, her life's work is centered around sugar awareness and creating dialogue change that will empower and promote healing in communities of color. For far too long, vulnerable communities have been stigmatized. Shun believes it's time to heal all of our communities as a whole.

To put her vision into action, she started, Sisters Breaking the Bonds of Sugar where women of color can come together to discuss how sugar relates to their history and their health.

Instagram: sugarmodeoff