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Food Junkies Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

Brenda Wollenberg is an author and educator, and combines her education and experience as a nutritionist, social worker and co-pastor in her work as a body /mind /spirit wellness coach. The past five years she has expanded her training and scope of practice to help her clients understand how genetics influences overall wellness. She has worked for decades using metabolic typing to inform food plans, exercise routines and stress management tools. 
With the added epigenetic component, however—examining how behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect genes' expression—she now works, 1-1 and in a group setting, to help clients explore clinically relevant and nutritionally actionable genes, and discover the ideal way to eat, supplement, move and calm for their genetic profile. 
Brenda is author of 'Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World', and 'Eat, Sleep Move: For Your Genetic Body Type. How to Physically and Emotionally Care for a Unique You’. She has had articles in Canadian Living, Mclean's and Family Fun and has also created In Balance Wellness programs for children, teens and adults. Most recently, along with co-creator Alicia Mazari-Anderson, a fellow nutritionist with a PhD in biology, Brenda has developed Gene Reset Blueprint: A 12-Week Program for Personalized Optimal Health. 
Brenda’s decades of experience across a range of physical, emotional and spiritual modalities, has enabled her to design a methodology that harnesses the power of both genetics and epigenetics—the environment—to optimize good health.

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