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Food Junkies Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

David Wiss is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist.

In 2012, David founded Nutrition in Recovery and developed a detailed curriculum that provides specialized nutrition services to individuals and treatment centers. He has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and works closely with individuals to help them revolutionize their relationship with food. David is a nationally recognized expert in nutrition for addiction and is currently working on his Ph.D. in Public Health from UCLA with research linking nutrition to mental health across the life course.

What we love about David's messaging is that it focuses on bridging the Eating Disorder and Food Addiction "camps". David views every person's disordered eating behaviours on a spectrum and believes in professionally guided, individualized treatment specific to the client's needs that are determined by a comprehensive intake and assessment. He believes in using food to rewire the brain and believes public policy change is absolutely necessary for a change in the food environment.

In todays episode we talk to him about his research papers, what we should be adding into our food plans, if he thinks abstinence is necessary for a food addict and whether he believes Food Addiction will be recognized in the DSM in the near future.

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